Del and Woody


Woody Guthrie is one of America’s greatest songwriters. Del McCoury was dubbed a “national treasure” by the Washington Post. Though Woody’s career had concluded before Del’s began, the two are teaming up in an unlikely way as Del is setting Woody’s handwritten lyrics to music. The Woody Guthrie archives features almost 3,000 song lyrics that were either never set to music, or the music was never preserved. Woody’s daughter, Nora Guthrie, asked Del to put music to her father's words. The result is nothing short of fantastic, and the Del McCoury Band has recorded these songs for the world to hear.

"Del really came through" - Ry Cooder

"His style of playing, his voice, his band_ there are so many similarities between Del and my dad". - Nora Guthrie

"Its amazing how little the human condition has changed, and good to be reminded that humor, attitude, and great music are timeless. Thank you, Del" - Arlo Guthrie

But our first review may have said it best...

"If ever an artist deserved to record the songs of Woody Guthrie, this is it. An effortless, timeless yet remarkable collection of recordings, Del McCoury has successfully brought an authentic life to a set of undeniably strong lyrics that deserve to sit in every music fan's collection."

- The Barn Presents